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Profit and responsibility

The Royal Family Garden is a company that takes social responsibility. We are two Swedish exile Gambians who started the company to help women of Gambia to support themselves while we do business. A win-win situation.

While visiting in Gambia, we saw the poverty of our beautiful country up close. Women begging as a way of supporting themselves and their children.

Seeing the begging women every day made us think. How can we contribute to making things better?

We had also noticed the poor quality of some of the vegetables on the market in Gambia. A local shopkeeper told us that the poor quality of the vegetables was due to the fact that it was imported instead of brought up in Gambia.

We decided to take action to make things better. Hence our social responsibility project.

You can follow our project on this web site. We will publish news articles here telling everyone about our work.

If you want to support us financially, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Royal Family Garden – a family business


The Royal Family Garden was founded by two exile Gambians residing in Norway and Sweden.

We are getting closer to the first round of onions


We are working hard to get things in order. The first harvest is getting closer and the next step is to cultivate onions.

We are hiring

We are looking for women helping out on the farm

We are looking to hire local women to work with the onion cultivatin process.

Get in touch with us

You can contact The Royal Garden in Gambia, Norway and in Sweden.


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